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Jerusalem is counted among those destinations that the world is looking up to.

Being the Capital of Israel, Jerusalem is vibrant with people of all ages, religions, nationalities, cultures, view points, affiliations, combining cutting-edge with tradition, contemporary with ancient, religion, art, science, music, fashion, culture, academies, government, justice, you name it…

The city is a home of the three monotheistic religions and this you can see religious Jewish people rushing to synagogue while the local Minaret is calling Muslims to pray and Church bells are ringing.

The Old City of Jerusalem is a history lab. Walking the narrow alleys you feel like a time traveler; the scenery, the smells and coolness of the worn stones together with the cooking odors, the way people are dressed, the foreign language and its glottal sounds transfer you to a different era. Through archeology and with proper guiding you can learn about the life of people in the past. It makes you wonder: Who were they? What were they like? What were their views and opinions? You can find traces of contemporary conflicts way back along history.

A visit to Jerusalem today is a cultural experience. Regardless of your own nationality or religion you will be fascinated to see the holy sites: the Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Garden Tomb, Mt. Zion with the Last Supper Room and King David’s Tomb. The remains of the houses of the Temple Priests right before the time of Jesus can show you how some of the people lived, the Western Wall Tunnels can show you what was life like during that time.

There are 3 attractions, in my opinion, that will help you understand and put in proportion what was where and when in the Old City of Jerusalem:

The Model of Jerusalem at the time of the 2nd Temple – that is a part of the Israel Museum today. It is a scale model that was designed as a result of a serious research of religious and historical sources. You can walk around it and see the spots that are still visible or their remains; this can give you the right size and space proportions as well as the feeling of how it was.

The Virtual Tour at the Davidson Center that is a 3D presentation shown on a large screen with which you can actually view the image of what the Temple was like, the processes you have gone through as a preparation to Pilgrimage 3 times a year as a Jew and the locations mentioned in the New Testament in connection to Jesus. The tour can take you out at any point to see the picture of what has remained of the particular parts of the Temple you see.

“The Night Spectacular”, the light & Sound show at the Tower of David – this show that take about an hour and 15 minutes and is projected outdoors on the inner walls of the Tower of David Citadel compound will take you step by step along history and tell you the story of Jerusalem during the ages and under regime of various nations and rulers. It is fascinating, colorful, interesting and recaps thousands of years in such a short time. Having see that in the beginning of your tour will help you understand what went on when in the storyline of Jerusalem

Jerusalem today is all the above and much much more!



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