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Israel – the Kedma Way!


Are you…

  • Looking for a customized trip to Israel, one that takes into consideration your special interests, your needs and desires and your budget?

  • Searching a trip that will appeal to all your travel-mates, family members of all ages, various affiliations and different interests?

  • Seeking a way to experience – to really feel the exciting pulse of Israel – rather than just site see?


Why Kedma?

Kedma Travel has become the leading Boutique Tour Operator in Israel!


Together with you – we will create a unique trip that will be 100% personalized for you!

We will…

  • Listen to your wish-list and make it our guideline

  • Learn from you about the other travelers

  • Build the trip objectives with you

  • Plan the sequence of events, attractions and sites in line with the capacity of those on board

  • Expose the various facets and let you discover the truly unique history, religion, geology, nature, society, culture and political complexities of Israel.

  • Offer an additional edge to your encounters


Our commitment is to ensure the best of everything:

You will have the top level of guides, transportation, accommodations and services for your budget!

  •     Let us plan for you, with you, your best future memories or an unforgettable trip to Israel!




About Kedma Travel


Kedma Travel has become the leading Boutique Tour Operator in Israel.

Kedma Travel specializes in creating customized tour plans and itineraries of Israel, taking into consideration the traveler’s wishes, special interests, needs and budget.

Kedma Travel designs tour of Israel that focus on contemporary issues or history or both.

Kedma Travel invites you – whether you are taking a personal tour, a family trip, Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration, study tour or professional mission, group or pilgrimage – to discover Israel – your way.

Kedma Travel was established in 2004 by Leah Epstein-Steinmetz, who had then over 25 years of experience in hosting tourists as an hotelier and marketing tourism to Israel. Kedma combines Leah’s expertise in hospitality, especially her acquaintance of the hotel industry and anticipation of the customer experience, with the excellent staff and top skillful Israel tour guides.


Mireille Pransky, our operation manager, has joined Kedma in 2011. Mireille is well travelled herself, having come to Israel from Holland and being married to Jonah, whose family is still living in the USA. As a mother of 3, Mireille has first hand personal experience traveling with children.



Kedma Team consists of professional experienced operators who would select the most suitable tour guide, vehicle, hotel accommodations, sites and attractions in Israel and, not less important: budget – for YOU!

Thousands of tourists who had experienced the unique Kedma Experience in Israel are coming back to Israel with us, sending their family and friends and acting as our good will ambassadors. They know we will take good care of them in Israel!

Kedma Travel is your travel boutique in Israel.


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