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For Jewish families, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration in Israel is one of the most important rites of passage for the coming of age of a young Jew. It is ideally celebrated with the whole family and as many friends as possible. Most parents will spend huge amounts of money to celebrate this event. Celebrating it in a country that is the homeland of the Jewish heritage will make this celebration very special.

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel is not easy when done from overseas and might require the support of a local company. Many incoming operators who are familiar with the needs of fellow Jewish families offer Bar or Bat Mitzvah tours and packages, some will connect you with professional event organizers to give you assistance if your focus is on the Gala event.

There are plenty of things that you need to consider before you start planning the event. First thing you need to do is pick the location for the Bar Mitzvah ceremony. The country has plenty of sites and locations where meaningful events took place; holding the ceremony at one of them connects your child to the heritage of this place, it adds the legacy of this particular location onto the meaningful event of becoming an accountable member of the Jewish people and a citizen of the world.

Look for a rabbi that will conduct the ceremony, make sure to contact him as early as possible to ensure that he is available, that he will be in the country. The rabbi is the one who leads the ceremony and therefore is a key player in this event in your child’s life. The Rabbi is an usher; he is escorting your child to the next phase in life – adulthood. He is there to guide the first few steps over the adulthood threshold, the first steps that mark the direction and should be attractive and inviting for your child to continue walking and maybe running further.

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is a once in a lifetime event for all Jews and will be celebrated with utmost joy!  The child should be put in the center of everything that is happening this day. He or she should be the king or queen of the day! A luncheon and/or dinner should be planned for the close circle of family and friends, the location or restaurant should comply with his or her preferences of food or style or both, speeches and blessings should be addressing him or her. This day and event will be live in his or her memory for the rest of their life!



Bar/Bat Mitzva in Israel

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