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  1. 16年以上精品旅游接待经验;

  2.  长期与以色列最好的导游、酒店和景点合作

  3. 我们的服务和可用性是重中之重

  4. .我们将根据客户的要求量身定制旅行行程

  5. 我们根据客户的预算来安排旅行

  6. .我们公司在以色列有一支讲着流利英语的团队

  7.  我们在中国有1个公司代表

  8. .我们是开放的和灵活的

  9. 我们的团队经验丰富,有超过12年的员工,以及在旅游业有超过40年的管理经验。

  10. 我们热爱我们的工作!

Are you…

  • Looking for a customized trip to Israel, one that takes into consideration your special interests, your needs and desires and your budget?

  • Searching a trip that will appeal to all your travel-mates, family members of all ages, various affiliations and different interests?

  • Seeking a way to experience – to really feel the exciting pulse of Israel – rather than just site see?


Why Kedma?

Kedma Travel has become the leading Boutique Tour Operator in Israel!


Together with you – we will create a unique trip that will be 100% personalized for you!

We will…

  • Listen to your wish-list and make it our guideline

  • Learn from you about the other travelers

  • Build the trip objectives with you

  • Plan the sequence of events, attractions and sites in line with the capacity of those on board

  • Expose the various facets and let you discover the truly unique history, religion, geology, nature, society, culture and political complexities of Israel.

  • Offer an additional edge to your encounters


Our commitment is to ensure the best of everything:

You will have the top level of guides, transportation, accommodations and services for your budget!

  •     Let us plan for you, with you, your best future memories or an unforgettable trip to Israel!



Israel – the Kedma Way!


Lea Epstein - CEO

  1. we are a boutiqe compeny that work with the best suplayers
  2. we have a long expirenese suplaying the demends of ouer costumers
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Neta Brint - Title

About Kedma Travel






珂玛(Kedma)精品旅行社是由Leah Epstein Steinmetz于2004年成立的,当时他在接待作为酒店经营者的游客和向以色列推销旅游业方面有超过25年的经验。Kedma结合了Leah在酒店业的专业知识,特别是她对酒店行业的了解和对客户体验的期望,以及优秀的员工和顶尖的以色列导游。



珂玛(Kedma)精品旅行社讲会是您在以色列的旅游的不二之选 。